Explore the map

Using the Toolbar

The toolbar allows you to interact with the map by clicking on the map with a tool. For example, if you click in the toolbar on the Zoom In tool, then click on the map, the map will zoom in around where you click.

You can also interact with the map using the keyboard. Also see Using the mouse for tips on using the mouse to interact with the map.

To use a tool

Note: Some tools do an action immediately. These include the Full-extent tool and the Magnifier tool.


Tools in your website depend on the purpose and use of the application. Some or all of these may be available:

Name Icon Description
Zoom in Zoom in tool Click and drag a rectangle: Click and hold the left mouse button down on the map at one corner of the rectangle to zoom in to. Drag the mouse to the other corner of the rectangle, and release the mouse button. The map will zoom in to the area of the rectangle.
Zoom out Zoom out tool Click and drag a rectangle: the map will zoom out so that the current map area will fit into the rectangle drawn. The smaller the rectangle you draw, the more the map will zoom out.
Pan (recenter) Pan tool Click and drag the map: Click and hold the left mouse button on the map, and drag the map. The map will be recentered, with the location dragged at the location you dropped it.
Full extent Full map extent Full extent: Immediately zooms the map out to the area of all features and layers. The active tool does not change.
Identify Identify tool Click to identify: Click with the left mouse button on the map. A small icon is added to the map identify icon and the Location is added to the section in the Console. See Results for how to use the identification information.
Measure Measure tool Measure distance or area: See Measuring for usage.
Magnifier Magnifier tool Magnify a section of the map: See Magnifier for usage.